Teacher shot dead by father-in-law

>> Sunday, April 9, 2017

KABUGAO, Apayao – A school teacher was allegedly shot dead by his father in law here at Sta Pukaw, Poblacion around 1 a.m. Wednesday.
Police identified the victim as Jaime Tamayao Enciso, 45, who was allegedly shot by his father in-law, Peter Patayan, 68, retired government employee.
               Investigation disclosed prior to incident, victim arrived at their house allegedly under influence of liquor looking for his wife who was at her father’s house, adjacent to theirs, preparing for their travel going to Luna town.
A police report said Tamayao threw stones thrice at the house of his father in-law and a heated argument ensued between them.
The suspect went out of their house and followed the victim inside his house holding a handgun and shot the former.
The suspect fled to unknown direction after the incident while the victim was rushed to Kabugao District Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival by attending physician.
The victim suffered one gunshot wound on his left chest.
Responding personnel police found a fired Ca. 45 bullet in crime site. Police are still looking for Patayan.


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